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Ways to Live a Fuller and Healthier Life

To be able to enjoy the great things in life we need to be healthy. The healthier we feel both physically and emotionally the better the chance we have a great outlook on life.

Since our good health applies to both our physical and emotional, we need to do things that improve the health of each. Here are a list of things that might seem common, but that the average person often neglects or forgets regarding its power to keep us healthy. These tips are offered as a reminder by medical experts like Ian Weisberg and are things that each of us can do to improve our good health and lead a fuller life.

Go on Vacation

More and more, people are skipping vacations because they feel that the only distract and take time away from work. Only a few decades ago the opposite feelings were prominent. People thought that vacations were a necessity because they took us away from the rigors of work and allowed us to reset our brains, and our bodies.

This approach to vacation was a proper one. Vacation plays an important role for each of us. It allows us to bond with our families, to have fun and interesting times, and two explore new cultures and people. Passing up a vacation in order to continue working can have negative health effects on you.

The body needs to get away from stressful situations and the vacation is the ideal situation for that to occur. When your vacation time is coming around, don’t pass on it, instead plan a fun-filled several weeks away at a location where you can think about nothing but having fun and enjoying your life.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

These days it seems as if everything is Vital. If you watch the news, sports, current events, and just about anything else, you would think that we are at the end of times and nothing can save us. The reality is that the new cycle has lengthened to 24 hours and we are constantly bombarded with stories of doom and gloom.

You might not have noticed that in spite of all of the talk about World War 3, and other doomsday scenarios, they never seemed to happen. Instead of the news outlets just continue to report and we continue to watch. And that’s we watch you become more stressed out about our futures. The solution is simple, turn away from the constant news and don’t take things so seriously. The past is shown that things have a way of working themselves out for the best.

Start a Family

One of the most important elements of a good healthy life is having a family and those around you love who can share this life with you. This of course starts with a spouse who is dedicated and compliments your strengths and weaknesses.

Connecting with another person in this type of bond enriches your life and get you to be more happy and calm. When you have children, you add to your happiness create little reasons for you to become a better person. Children push you, challenge you, make you angry oh, and also make you understand what life is all about. As they grow, you grow along with them and knowledge and experience and life comes full circle.



Tips on Weight Loss By Girish Kumar Navani

Last year I decide to start off a new healthy living routine which I was in desperate need of after spending quite a few months not exactly looking after my body. I consulted the help of my good friend Girish Kumar Navani, some who I have known for a very long time and someone who is an expert in health and in weight loss. The tips which Guirish Kumar Navani shared with me were incredibly helpful and they aided me in achieving my weight loss goals. If we are all being honest with ourselves then we would confess that we all know how to lose weight, we just need some handy tips to help us out, and here is what Girish has to say.


Sunday is a very important day when it comes to editing because this is the day that you should go and do your shopping and then prepare for the week ahead. Preparation is always key when you are trying to lose weight because if you haven’t properly prepared, you end up eating convenience food when you are hungry, which is usually unhealthy. And so a Sunday should involve a good breakfast ahead of your supermarket trip -shopping on an empty stomach is a bad idea. Once you have been to the supermarket you should spend your afternoon cooking for the week and preparing veg and salad for the week. The time that you spend on Sunday will help you throughout the week.


Snacking has a reputation as a negative activity but as Girish often tells me this is a myth and snacking is actually widely encouraged. The key is of course what you snack on and that is why you should always have a ready supply of nuts, fruit and prepared salad such as cucumber and carrot sticks. Healthy snacking can be a great way for you to stave off hunger until it is time to eat and it will help you with your weight loss goals.


Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep each night is essential when you are trying to lose weight and it is during these hours that your body works hard on digesting and using food, as well as repairing cells, all of which are vital in weight loss. If you aren’t sleeping well then this will impact your weight loss.


Not all aspects of a healthy lifestyle are difficult and one of the easy fixes which you need to be focussed on is drinking water. Drinking water not only helps you body to burn off foods quicker, it can also help you to be less hungry. In many cases where we think we are hungry we are in fact thirsty and so drinking a good amount of water each day can reduce how hungry we feel. The recommended amount is 2-3 liters for women and 3-4 liters for men.

John Kang Liquidmetal and Beyond, Why Medicine Must Always Look To Tech

John Kang Liquidmetal supporter and an absolute great within the medical field is an inspiration of mine and part of the reason why I wanted to study medicine in the first place. There are few surgical oncologists quite like Dr. Kang and even fewer with the highly ethical code of conduct nor the results that this man has achieved in his career. I was fortunate enough to meet John Kang at a medical conference at the end of last year where we were able to get our teeth stuck into a conversation about tech in medicine. I couldn’t believe that I was meeting him of course, John Kang WebMD contributor, industry giant and the inspiration sat right there in front of me. I calmed my nerves and here is what he had to say about tech in medicine.


For too many years we have laid a large focus on treatments of diseases and we have used technology in a great many ways to alleviate and cure a wide range of ailments and disease. Thanks to this we have developed better chemotherapy, more effective tumor removal and of course the use of lasers which can now treat a huge range of problems. The issue however is that we have been focusing too heavily on this area when in fact we should’ve been working harder on diagnosis-related tech. This is not to say that we haven’t been spending time and money on this, but the split should be weighted more towards diagnosis than treatment, as the former negates the need for the latter.


Better tech doesn’t just allow us to give better direct treatment to patients and investment in better tech can actually help to solve secondary issues which result in poorer care. Take for example waiting times, something which restricts patients from being seen quicker. The cause of this is ultimately that there are too many people going to hospital for health complaints which don’t require hospital attention. Tech here can step up and we can use virtual doctors to help these patients before they leave home, thus relieving the stress on the ER and the hospital in general. Further investment into better tech solutions like this can aid us in fixing a huge range of problems when it comes to the logistics of a hospital.

Easier Solutions

The greatest risk that we will run in the world of medicine is when we think that an adequate treatment is acceptable simply because it cures. Take chemotherapy for example, it works very well in treating cancer but it is essentially toxic and can damage many other parts of the body. Through further investment of time and energy into tech we will be able to not only cure problems, but do so in a way that is final and which doesn’t have secondary or tertiary effects on the patients.

Tech is very much the future.

Dr. Victoria J Mondloch, Driving Forward Women’s Medicine

As a young woman from Waukesha, Wisconsin who wanted to go into a career in medicine, Dr. Victoria J Mondloch provided me with the perfect inspiration and role model. Victoria J Mondloch is a local girl from here in Waukesha and she, like me, had a huge passion for women’s medicine. Throughout her career Victoria Mondloch has sought to develop and raise awareness about women’s medicine and in my view she has been greatly successful in doing so. I wanted to talk a little today about how she has inspired me and what her work means for the future of women’s health both here in Waukesha and throughout the country.

In Hospital

Within her role as a doctor Victoria specializes in gynecology and obstetrics and over the years she has used her outstanding skill and professionalism to help thousands of women with health complaints. Beyond this she has always been ambitious and throughout her career she has taken on roles of responsibility within the hospital and is currently a remember of the board of the hospital. In the role which she occupies on the board of directors she is able to further bring about change in the betterment of women’s health within the hospital, and she has used this position to positively change many things within female medicine.


Beyond teaching those young students who she works with in the hospital, Victoria has also branched out much further than that and often spends time in lecture halls of the universities around the Wisconsin area, giving lectures to young students about the importance that women’s health should have in the medical world. I sadly missed the speech which she gave at my university but the feedback which my fellow students gave me was glowing.


Here in Waukesha, Wisconsin we have a number of community-backed campaigns which operate throughout the region and offer support and guidance for women, as well as offering screening for breast and ovarian cancers. These programs have been greatly helped by the support and the hard work of Victoria Mondloch who has used her status within the hospital to aid these programs and help them with resources and funding. These campaigns are critical to the health of many women in the community and with her help we have been able to diagnose a large amount of women, doing so in most cases at a very early stage.


As if all of this wasn’t enough, Dr. Victoria Mondloch is also a regular contributor to the Medical Journal where she often speaks about new treatments and examinations which are being developed, that can further help with a huge range of female health issues. In doing this she is able to speak to a wider community about women’s health and therefore motivate and animate the wider medical world when it comes to the aspect of health which she is so passionate about.

A true inspiration.

How contaminated water can have ill-effects on your health

Water and Food are the primary requirements of any human being, irrespective of the social status. We always crave for safe & health drinking water and tasty & nutritious food. Many times, we take that privilege for granted and assume that our health would not be adversely impacted if we have ‘not so pure’ water or ‘not so healthy’ food. If you are staying in a city, you might be aware that the municipality in that city supplies the water to the various households. Though the water is not contaminated, health officials always recommend either to boil the water (before consuming the same) or have it filtered so that there are no germs or impurities in the water.

If we discuss about contaminated water, there are severe health implications of having impure or contaminated water. The ill-effects can range from severe illnesses or even death. People should be self-aware about the quality of water which they are going to consume. When do you consider water as impure or contaminated? When a detailed water test shows the presence of bacteria or chemicals in the water, it is considered as ‘harmful’. Let’s have a look at some of the side-effects of having contaminated water

– The person may suffer from gastrointestinal and stomach related illness.

– The person may suffer from vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, etc. You could even suffer from water-borne diseases like typhoid fever, cholera, and Hepatitis A or E.

– Reproductive problems like ‘infertility’ can also occur in case contaminated water is consumed for a longer duration.

Millions of deaths occur across the world due to water-borne diseases. How do you purify water? You can make use of RO water purifier or water filter which removes the bacteria & pathogens present in the water. You may argue that boiling the water removes all the contaminants in the water, but it does not ‘purify the water completely’. Boiling the water kills the harmful bacteria and other organisms that get eliminated at high temperature, but it does not get rid of other kinds of pollutants like lead, etc. Hence, it is always advisable to use a water purifier; RO (Reverse Osmosis) or UV (Ultra-Violet) for water purification. Companies like LivPure who are considered market leaders in water-purification technologies also have advanced purifiers that do the job of TDS (Total Dissolvable Solid) correction, without altering the taste of the water.

Though LivPure has a range of RO water purifiers & water filters, you should buy water purifier that suits your requirements. It would not make sense to have an RO water purifier which has huge water storage capacity if you few members in your family. Hence, we recommend you to buy the best water purifier after having a detailed look at the specifications. As far as technical aspects of the purifier are concerned, RO water purifiers use RO (Reverse Osmosis) purification methodology where a semi-permeable membrane is used to perform the job of purification. RO water purifiers from LivPure come equipped with a 6-stage/7-stage advanced filtration mechanism so that the water being consumed is free from all harmful chemicals & impurities. You also have the option to select an RO water purifier with UV, AF filtration mechanism. Utmost care has been taken that the water taste is not altered so that you are left with ‘safe & healthy’ water.

As it is rightly said ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is advisable to have ‘water’ purified using an RO water purifier from a trusted & recommended brand like LivPure.

How De-cluttering Can Help you to Lose Weight

After reading the title of this post you might be wondering: “What? How could de-cluttering my home could possible help me to lose weight?”. If you are skeptical, I completely understand, but keep reading this post to understand what I base my conclusions from.

It goes without saying that clutter in your home can cause you a lot of stress. If your kitchen is so messy that you cannot find anything in it you are likely to experience elevated stress levels. Try to portray yourself trying to find that pair of scissors that should be somewhere in one of the drawers but is nowhere to be found. You lose your patience, you become enraged, your cortisol levels are up. Later that day you are so stressed that you start to indulge in emotional eating only to ease the stress you have just been through, is it right? Does it sound familiar? And the fact that we all do Christmas shopping does not help us at all, instead of creating a peaceful atmosphere it just puts on us new demands as we have to try to find more space for our newly-acquired belongings. Have I already convinced you to de-clutter your home? I believe so. You will shed some pounds even without exercising because you will simply eat less.

Don’t worry if your house cannot store all your belongings. It is time to start selling used things on eBay, give them to a local charity, or renting a storage unit like storage units lake forest if you are one of those people who have problems saying good bye to things and would prefer rather temporary solutions. I recommend that you de-clutter your home at least once every 2 months to avoid the buildup of unnecessary items that have been hiding in your cupboards for way too long. Your life will become a lot more enjoyable once you decide to de-clutter and hopefully you will lose some weight as the result for that. Just make sure that you don’t find something else that will cause you to eat more.

Improve Your Energy Levels

I meet a lot of people who often complain about being low on energy. Yes, occasional fatigue can happen to many of us, but when it becomes a regular occurrence some steps need to be taken in order to stop it.

Fatigue is the most common complains most doctors in the UK encounter each day. Unless it is caused by a medical condition, there is very little or nothing a doctor can do to help a fatigued person, which means that if you have been to doctors and they have ruled out all the possible causes of the way you feel then your health is in your hands and it is up to you to take the necessary steps to feel better. Here is how it can be accomplished:

1. Get a screening test and read this Bluecrest health screening review. A test like this might give you a better idea what the condition of your body is and how you can deal with it. Often doctors are reluctant to prescribe some complex tests on the NHS unless they have reasons to believe that something might be really wrong with your health.

2. Look into your diet. You might be tempted to think that what you eat does not matter, but in reality everything you do matters. If you find out that all you eat are crisps, cakes, and occasional MacDonalds, it is no wonder that your body is saying no to that. Give it some fish, nuts, and vegetables instead and it is guaranteed to start functioning better in no time. I doin’t promise you that your good diet will remove your fatigue, but it will definitely help you with that.

3. Check your mental health. Very often, people feel fatigued because of all the little stresses of life that happen to them during the day. Make sure that you are not anxious about anything in particular. If this is the case, if you worry about something, your sleep will be interrupted and it will affect for sure your day-to-day activities. Contact a specialist if you feel down and you feel that you could use some help in your situation.

Cut Your Stress Levels with Some London Luxury

One of the omnipresent problems in modern life is stress. Money worries, difficult bosses, health problems (whether they affect you or a relative) affect us all, and stress can affect our sleep patterns, physical health and mental balance, which only creates more stress. This creates a vicious circle it can be difficult to escape from. Fortunately, today we’ve got a few ideas to help you relax and escape the stress with some luxurious experiences around London.


If you’re in South London, Clapham is a great place to come to escape the daily grind and find some luxury to restore your stressed out soul.

It’s centred around Clapham Common, a wide open green space, with spinneys, ponds, sports facilities and cafes, so if you need to get into the outdoors but can’t leave London, it’s ideal for wandering, sunbathing or simply sitting and reading with a coffee.

While you’re in the area you might want to book into the Skinsmiths Skin Clinic Clapham for a luxury facial, and come out looking, as well as feeling more relaxed, or if the mood strikes you dip into the Rookery for cocktails while looking out over the common and watching the sun set. You could also make a booking at the Metro Garden for some up to the minute fine dining tucked away in a private garden in the heart of the Borough.

Crouch End

Head up to the other end of the Northern Line, and you’ll find Crouch End stuffed with opportunities to relax amid some London luxury. A bustling village that’s been subsumed by the spread of the city, Crouch End retains a real sense of character, built around a crossroads with shops and restaurants lining the nearby streets.

Whether you’re interested in well executed gastropub fair, or some sophisticated French fine dining, Crouch End has plenty of options for you (we recommend the Bistro Aix, a well kept secret!). It’s with brunch that Crouch End really shines though, and if you stroll out of your boutique hotel any time after eleven you’ll find plenty of options for long luxurious breakfasts that can take you well into the afternoon if you let them!

Fortified with brunch you can explore the local area, picking out a restaurant for dinner, perhaps taking in a film at the small arthouse cinema, or catching a comedy show at the famous King’s Head venue.

It’s little luxuries like these that can make London life sustainable in the long run, so make a point of exploring your area and finding the hidden luxuries you can tap into when life gets tough.

How Anxiety Affects Sleep

It’s 1 am. You’re staring at the ceiling, brain on full alert. Did I lock the door? What am I going to wear tomorrow? Will I get that promotion? It feels as though you just can’t switch off.

When you’re suffering with anxiety, your adrenaline levels run higher than normal. It’s almost as if you’re in constant ‘fight or flight’ mode. The constant worry, stress and uneasy feelings which cloud your mind make it hard for your body and mind to shut off and get the rest you need.


Anxiety is a general term for a range of disorders that can cause fear, worry, apprehension and nervousness. Anxiety can be mild and unsettling and range all the way up to severe anxiety which often has a huge effect on day-to-day living.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. According to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), anxiety affects 40 million people in the United States. In fact, it’s the most common group of mental illnesses in the country.

Anxiety and other mental health issues have a strong link with insomnia and other sleep disturbances. Many sufferers report difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep regularly. And that’s bad news. Extended sleep problems have been scientifically proven to increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and developing diabetes.


It’s a terribly frustrating circle. You’re tired and in need of a good night’s rest – but your mind starts racing as soon as you hit the sack. Then you catch a glimpse of the time and realise you’re going to be exhausted tomorrow and start worrying even more.

It becomes hard to distinguish whether you can’t sleep because you’re anxious, or you’re anxious because you’re not getting enough sleep.

So what’s the answer? Research has shown that the relationship between sleep issues and anxiety is ‘bidirectional’. That means that anxiety can cause sleep disturbance or sleep problems can cause anxiety.


“It’s really like a circular pattern — emotional problems can affect sleep, and lack of sleep can affect people’s emotions,” said David Neubauer, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins Medicine, “There is quite a bit of overlap between symptoms of insomnia and anxiety and other mood disorders.”

The great news about the close link between anxiety and insomnia is that if you work on solving one problem, you’ll likely help other. For example, finding a solution to an anxiety disorder is likely to have the indirect effect of improving your sleep, and if you find a way to get regular shut-eye, your anxiety is likely to ease.


GET UP – Okay, we get it. You’re trying to get to sleep, so you want to stay in bed. But if you’ve been trying for over an hour and you’re not feeling tired, get up – you don’t want your brain to begin to associate your bed with things that aren’t sleep. Take a walk, sit in another room and then return to your bed when you’re feeling sleepy.

DISTRACT YOURSELF – Even better, when you’re struggling to sleep, distract yourself from the situation. Have a read of a book, drink some warm milk or look out the window and relax.  Simply getting your mind off the worry of not being able to fall asleep can work wonders.

TRY A WEIGHTED BLANKET – Weighted blankets work by the theory of deep pressure stimulation. The blankets put pressure upon the body, almost mimicking the feeling of being hugged. This helps reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, while increasing levels of serotonin and melatonin, promoting relaxation and decreasing anxiety. A study found that when using a weighted blanket for anxiety, 63% of people reported lower anxiety levels – impressive, right?

TRY TO RELAX – It sounds easier said than done, but the key to getting to sleep with anxiety is trying to relax. A great way to do this is to try a deep breathing exercise which naturally clears the body of stresses or tension. Take a series of slow, even breaths and try to focus only on your breathing.

STOP CLOCK WATCHING – It can be tempting to look at the clock every ten minutes when you’re struggling to get to sleep – but it’s actually making the situation worse. Looking at the clock wakes your brain up and makes you feel more stressed about the sleep you’re not getting. So keep away from that clock.

If you’re struggling with anxiety and it’s affecting your ability to get a good night’s rest, it’s important to address the issue and find a solution that’s suitable for you. Take some time to try out our techniques and be sure to let us know if they work. For more information, check out our blog about weighted blankets and their effect on anxiety.



5 Compelling Reasons to Buy Induction Technology-Based Rice Cookers

Rice is the staple food for many nationalities. In India too, many states have basically rice-eating population. If you love to eat rice for both or one of your meals daily, a rice cooker is definitely a must-have appliance in your kitchen.

Though there are various types of rice cookers available these days, but the induction technology-based rice cookers are the hot favourite. Induction means non-contact process and is the most advanced technology available. This technology uses radio frequency electricity running through an electrically conductive material for heating.

The following reasons make these induction technology-based rice cookers the most popular ones:

Better Flavour and Texture

Induction technology-based rice cookers produce the best results when it comes to the taste and texture. Rice cooked in induction-based cookers, irrespective of whether it is a small rice cooker or a bigger one, is fluffier and tastes better. If you have cooked rice conventionally or in some other rice cooker like an electric rice cooker, you will immediately notice the difference. For the conventional mode of cooking rice, you need expertise, but the induction-based rice cooker is intelligent enough and even a novice can prepare perfectly cooked rice in it.

Consistent Heat

The heat is spread evenly throughout the cooking bowl. The major difference between cooking in an electric cooker and induction cooker is that in an electric rice cooker, rice starts cooking up from the bottom. The induction cooker, on the other hand, provides heat all around. The high pressure also aids in raising the temperature, which then penetrates right into the centre of the rice, thus cooking it better.

The Entire Inner Pot Is Used as a Heating Element

In the normal electric rice cooker, there is a heating element beneath the cooking pot. In induction cookers, the entire inner pot works as a heating element, which helps in fast and efficient cooking. For example, if you compare cooking basmati rice in a neuro-fuzzy logic cooker and induction-based cooker, you will find that neuro-fuzzy takes nearly 11 minutes more than induction-based models. This translates to substantial energy savings when using induction-based rice cookers.

Superior Technology

These induction-based rice cookers use most advanced technology. They are intelligent and computerized. The fuzzy logic in these is used in combination with induction technology to provide the best results.

Best Results with Different Rice Varieties

Changing the rice often leads to some hiccups initially but not if you are using an induction-based rice cooker. This technology is very responsive when it comes to temperature change and instant and precise adjustments are made automatically. This advanced technology helps in cooking all sorts of rice perfectly.

Induction-based rice cookers are getting extremely popular due to the numerous benefits they offer. They are a little expensive than their standard electric counterparts, but the benefits they offer perfectly justify this extra cost. It is a high-tech product that is designed to provide you with the best-cooked rice and if you take rice cooking seriously, a rice cooker is a must-have for your kitchen.