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I discovered that one of the ways to attract people to your blog and make sure that they are going to keep visiting it is to offer some dating tips and advice. Since so many people are in a relationship, they keep seeking tips and advice allowing them to feel happier with their spouse or a partner. Dating and relationships are currently some of the most popular topics on the Internet. I am sure that you have heard of Dr. Phil before. People turn to somebody like him looking for answers to their questions. You might not be as popular as Dr. Phil, but you might still have something to offer when it comes to relationship and dating tips. You will even have more to offer to others if your relationship is successful.


The popularity of forums is growing each day as they allow people to find others with similar interest to them. If you have an interest in, let’s say hockey, then all you have to do is visit a hockey forum and you will be able to share your opinions and discuss various hockey-related topics with other users. It might not be so easy to find many people in your neighborhood that have an interest in hockey, but finding people online is actually very easy. Basically, you can very easily find forums dedicated to almost any topic. That is perhaps the best thing about online forums.

Search Engines

An ambitious webmaster will do everything he can in order to be well-ranked in search engines. Search engine traffic is often called organic traffic and one of the benefits of it is that it does not cost anything. It is the best way to attract traffic without spending any money, as people constantly search for various terms. If your site discussed some popular topic and if there is not that much competition, then you may be able to obtain a lot of organic traffic without problems. You might need to optimize your site for it and I will discuss various SEO techniques in my next posts.

Page Rank and Google

Some bloggers report that their Page Rank is getting penalized because of some ads. I prefer not to name the name of the company that serves the ads, but keep reading to see how it can effect some webmasters. It seems that a lot of people got their PR penalized because of a ad widgets/links displayed on their site. A user reports that he was penalized because of this fact, even though I did not do a lot business with this company, but he simply joined them and linked to them from his sidebar along with his referral number. It seems that this is enough for Google to reduce peoples PR just because of such a link. That is something that webmasters may want to keep in mind.
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Is Shopping Online Cheaper

I can say from my personal experience that shopping online is definitely cheaper than traveling long distances to local shops to buy something for my home for example. The reason this happens is that when I sit at home in front of my browser, I have a chance to look at a large selection of items from all sorts of merchants. This can be very convenient as on one page I can see many products. Being able to compare so many prices of all those products results in more affordable prices.

Is Joking on the Internet a Good Idea

From time to time, I try to make a joke while I spend my time on forums. Whether it is a good idea or not, I am yet to decide as I have not made up my mind yet. While some of my jokes are appreciated, from time to time I come across no reaction to my jokes. This makes me wonder whether I should keep doing it or not. On the one hand, I really do not care what others think about me and all those things that I do, but if nobody really laughs at my jokes, then why would I really want to tell them.

Website that You Love

Everybody needs a reason to live. If you have something that you look forward to, you will be more motivated to wake up each day. Let us talk for example about having a website. Let me say that you own a website you are excited about. You created it and you take care of it. It represents something that is important to you. If you are excited about a website, you will have more reasons to wake up each morning. If you have a website for which you do not get paid, at least have some fun from it. Dedicated it to a topic you find interesting.

Blogging Addiction

More and more people enjoy blogging and I think that it is a wonderful thing. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and to gain new friends in the process. Because of the popularity of blogging, some people started to have problems with blogging addiction. A webmaster has so many things to do, that it is easy to get addicted. A blogger needs to do moderate comments, check site for any possible errors, update plug-ins, exchange links, and write interesting articles. In the process, some bloggers neglect their job or even their family. While blogging is a good idea, I urge all of my readers to make sure not to neglect other things in their lives. Anyway, have fun blogging!

Is It More Effective to Shop on the Internet

One question I have been asking myself for some time now is shopping in the Internet really that effective. Without hesitation, I can say that it is indeed very effective as I do not need to go anywhere to be able to buy something I want to use such as a gift for somebody. It is simply so much more convenient for me to sit at home being able to browse a large selection of goods instead of walking somewhere in the cold looking for things to buy.

Internet Flame Wars

I remember hearing the term flame wars many years ago after spending a considerable amount of time on the Internet. It did not take me that much time to figure out what the term was used to describe. In a nutshell, flame wars are a term used to describe Internet users flaming one another on forums. In other words, forum users are rude to one another for absolutely no reason.

I do not know about you, but I avoid Internet flame wars. I simply have no interest in participating in them. Being rude to others is not my cup of tea.