December, 2012

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Christmas Time

There have been many people that have been waiting for Christmas the whole year and that is because this time of the year is special. One of the things that makes Christmas special is that people can spend time with those that they love. Christmas also would not be what it is without gifts. I think what everybody should remember that it is not only fun to receive gifts but also to give them. It does not have to be anything valuable, but it is simply important that it is something that the other person will like. There are many things that people enjoy about Christmas. What do you like about it?

Preparing for Winter

Last year during I spent so much on my energy bills that I would like to do something about it this year. I believe that the problem I have are my windows. I was not the one to choose the windows in my home. Somebody else did it many years ago. If I had to make a choice which windows to choose, then I would buy double-glazed windows, which would insulate my house better. Not only would this result in lower bills, but it would also reduce the noise coming from the street nearby. Well, maybe I will have a chance to change them at some point.