September, 2015

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Must-have foods while bulking up your body

Which is the best diet and supplements when you want to bulk? It is possible to trade in your cuts for excellent mass and strength. You can start bulking long enough with the winter approaching and this will help you be ready to cut in summer. If you want to achieve this goal, it is good to know which bulking supplements are best, the best foods for an ideal bulking diet and also how long you should bulk before commencing with the cutting process.

Normally, bulking is advantageous in that it allows you to eat the food you want knowing that you will take care of the fat when you cut. It makes bodybuilding much easier. There are different bulking methods including dirty bulking, clean bulking and regular bulking. Let’s look at these three types of bulking briefly

Dirty bulking: – This basically means packing on as much muscles without watching at the amount of fat being consumed. While doing this, a person consumes almost everything including junk and fast foods. This results in massive fat gain but should only be done by people with very high metabolism.

Clean bulking: – This is when one tries to develop a huge amount of lean muscles but with great carefulness in regard to the amount of fat he/she is consuming. While doing this, one stays away from junk/fast foods, pizzas, sodas, French fries and hamburgers among others. Instead, one consumes a bulking diet that consists of foods such as fruits, lean chicken breast, rice, steak, pasta and other healthy foods. This is good for people with a slower metabolism. An integral part of Clean bulking is using a proper bulking agent like CrazyBulk. More information can be found here.

Regular bulking: – This involves a moderate consumption of fat as one seeks to pack massive lean muscles. While doing this, you stay from junk/fast foods while consuming a diet consisting of healthy foods such as chicken breast, low-fat yogurt, steak, beans, tuna, fruits and vegetables among others. This works well for people with average metabolism.

Choosing the right bulking method

The choice of bulking method and diet should be determined by individual metabolism and bodybuilding goals. When coming up with an ideal bulking diet, you should avoid consuming sodas, candies, sweetened juices and potato chips among others. Instead, consume the right amount of carbs as they are essential for bodybuilding. However, avoid eating too much than you can burn as any excess carbohydrates are normally turned into fat and stored in the body. Always avoid simple carbs such as sodas and instead go for complex carbs such as bread.

Best bulking supplements

Proteins: – When it comes to bulking and cutting, proteins are always very essential. Failure to consume enough proteins leads to the breakdown of the muscles by the body through a process known as catabolic state. To avoid this state and enter into anabolic state, you will need to consume enough protein helping your body to build muscles. Whey and casein proteins are normally used as bulking supplements and help by providing the body with enough building blocks for muscle building. Another supplement to consider is creatine, an amino acid essential for ATP regeneration and cellular energy. Others include multivitamins and nitric oxide.

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