A Few Convincing Reasons to Opt for Life Insurance

Nobody likes to talk or even think about death, but the truth is that while life is uncertain, death is always certain. Everyone will pass from this world to the next at some point. The best course of action is to be prepared for it, so that it doesn’t affect your loved ones in a negative way. One of the best things you can do for both you and your beloved family, especially your kids, is to protect and provide for everyone both now and in the future with the help of a life insurance policy.

Getting life insurance is probably one of the easiest and best gifts you can give your family. There are two types available. Whole Life and Term Life insurance. We’re focusing mostly on whole life here, along with it’s benefits. Your policy will outlive you, thereby serving to keep your memory alive while providing for your family’s needs into the future. They will still miss you when you are gone, but at least they won’t be left without any income, or even worse with huge debts that banks or other lending agencies will try to collect from them. Below are a few reasons insurance broker Randy Roberts recommends you have life insurance in place.

1. If you are still employed and working to support your family, with life insurance if you pass away, they won’t be left without any source of income. It is especially important if there are a lot of people relying on your income such as your children or spouse. For example if your spouse stays at home to take care of your children, life insurance is critical. A life insurance policy is an absolute must of those who are the only breadwinners in the family, as without them the family would most likely be in serious financial trouble.
2. A proper life insurance policy can save a business if its key employee dies. Whether good or bad, many small businesses rely on one person or a few key people who run their day to day business operations. If something were to happen to one of these key people, the situation would create a lot of stress and uncertainty, especially to the businesses finances and day to day management. This can be helped or even avoided by having the resources from a life policy in place to mitigate these hard circumstances and implement the needed transition in the business.
3. Life insurance can also be used to make you richer when you retire. Even if you don’t work anymore, you can borrow against your life insurance policy in case you are in financial trouble. Many wealthy people use life insurance as a vehicle to borrow against for investments or necessary expenses and to earn tax free income during retirement. It is an extremely flexible offering that can bring multiple benefits.
4. You don’t want to trouble your family with pricey funeral costs. They’re already going to have a hard time dealing with your death. Their loss could be emotionally crippling for a time, so leaving them some needed extra money for ever rising funeral-related costs is going to make things a lot easier for them.

So after reading about all of these benefits, you’re probably starting to see the many possible benefits of proper life insurance. Getting the right policy, whether whole life or term life, for your family’s needs can be as simple as talking to the right person to guide you in choosing life insurance. As with health insurance, getting the best option at an affordable rate requires a knowledgeable professional such as the reps at the Randy Roberts Insurance Agency to guide you in setting the variables correctly in your equation. Once these suit your needs in a way you’re comfortable with, the policy will be written and will grow a nest egg over time for you and your family.

You’ll get the most benefits over time when the research and setup of a life insurance policy is done in this manner by the friendly professionals at Randy Roberts Insurance Agency. They serve the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, and Philadelphia metro area with life and most other insurance types you and your loved ones may need.

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