The benefits of a fitness holiday

Whether you are new to working out, or a seasoned pro who’s just out of practice, getting stuck into a new healthy routine can sometimes be a difficult challenge. As human beings, we are creatures of habit, and that’s more so the case when those habits are bad. Sometimes the easiest way of getting into a new lifestyle is to change things around a little, and this is where a fitness break could help.

What is a Fitness Break?

A fitness break is pretty much what it says on the tin, taking a break or holiday with the main aim being to improve your fitness levels. These breaks can range in style, from beginners weekends to a 10-day endurance test. While the level of skill and effort might vary, they all share the common goal of allowing you take some time out to focus on your fitness goals.

Why would I Need One?

Most people have a set routine day-to-day, week to week. Starting a new regime at the gym might sound like a good idea when you are discussing it, but actually putting that plan into action can be a different story. Its very common for people to have good intentions, but let life get in the way. Perhaps you’ve got an early meeting, or perhaps a project runs late at work. Maybe the school run takes a bit longer due to road works, or maybe the rains putting you off from going to the gym. Whatever the reason, its easy to find a decent excuse to put off getting into your new healthy regime.

By taking a week or long weekend, and focusing 100% on your fitness goals, free from distraction, a new healthy lifestyle can seem a lot easier to achieve once you get back to the real world.

What Can I Expect?

Fitness holidays vary, they range from long weekends at UK destinations to fortnights abroad. You can choose to stay in a cheap and cheerful camping set up, or you can splash out on a 5 star luxury spa based break. Ultimately the deciding facto should be picking a fitness break that suits YOUR goals. There’s no point signing up for a 10 day mountain climbing retreat if all you want to do is kick start your motivation to lose a few pounds. Not only will you be out of your depth if you pick the wrong break, but you’ll come away feeling deflated and unsatisfied, slipping back into your old habits with nothing to show for your troubles.

How Do I Get The Most From My Break?

Plan ahead and make sure you understand the timetable of the holiday before you go. Book in a few extras to make the trip relaxing as well as fun. Work with the organisers to make sure you have all the equipment and clothing you need. Go into the break with plenty of sleep and energy, otherwise you’ll turn up tired and leave run down. If the fitness holiday you chose doesn’t include meals, make sure you go with a meal plan. Look on the internet to find where you can buy healthy food options before you go. Equally, once you arrive, focus on the task ahead, don’t skip activities to go drinking and don’t stay out until the sun comes up.

If you have a busy working life, make sure everyone knows your away for a bit of you time. Set an out of office reply and turn off that phone! There’s no point heading away on a fitness retreat if you are going to spend all your time answering calls from the office back home.

Ultimately any fitness break you chose has to be for you and for the right reasons, shop around and don’t rush into your decisions, pick a break that’s suited to you and most of all enjoy it; the next fitness holiday you chose is the start of a new you.

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