My Journey to Larger Breasts

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog post in which I talked about my experience with a supplement that allows you to have bigger and firmer breasts. Today, I am going to share with you a month-by-month diary that describes how I got to the point I am right now. Here it is:

February 2014

• My breasts measurement is 34A
• My breasts enhancement projects include goat’s milk whey protein and l-tyrosine.
• I am lactose intolerant therefore FemFigure ambassador recommend that I take goat’s milk whey protein instead of the normal whey protein.
• I also include l-tyrosine in my routine because my body temperature is lower than the actual body temperature 36.78 degree Celsius (98.2 degree Fahrenheit)
• This is the first month I took FemFigure. I didn’t experience any difference in my breasts size.
• Perhaps is still early to judge as I am only in my first month.

March 2014

• I experience breasts soreness 1 week before my period.
• I saw that my breasts plump up more than usual.
• I have breasts firmness too.
• I saw breasts growth before my period at ¾ inch and after my period with the loss of water retention my body maintains ½ inch breasts growth. It is a ½ cup breasts growth this month.

April 2014

• This month I see more breasts growth but not as much as the month before.
• I measure ½ inch more before my period and then after the period my body maintains ¼ inch.
• Within 3 months my breasts grew ¾ cup which I find amazing because as I mentioned earlier my breasts size is small and quite saggy.
• I also notice that my tummy got more toned and my arm have more definition with some muscles instead of just fat tissue.
May 2014

• Since I am almost 34B, my current bra is too tight for me. So I bought some new bras which measured at 34C. My target now is to fill up the bra.
• I experience some breasts itchiness this month and occasional pain which comes and disappears within a few seconds.
• This month breasts soreness allows my breasts to plump up another ½ inch and after my period I manage to retain ¼ cup.
• Altogether my breasts increase 1 cup size after 4 months of usage.
• My breasts firmness increases.

June 2014

• This month’s experience and the month’s before are rather same.
• My breasts grow ½ inch before my period and after it due to loss of water retention my breasts lose ¼ of the total growth. The remaining ¼ inch is real growth.
• This month I notice that my breasts firmness increases greatly and it is no longer moving downwards but rather becoming perkier, tender and firmer.

July 2014

• This month I adjust my diet. I add in more protein food such as fish, chicken, Greek yogurt and cheese besides the goat’s milk protein I am using.
• This month around my breasts plump up to ¾ inch during breasts soreness time. After period my body retains ½ inch.
• It is pretty amazing how adding more protein food will encourage your breasts to grow more.

August 2014

• I have finished my last pill last month.
• With satisfying results I decided to stop taking them for now.
• Surprisingly I am still growing.
• I manage to gain another 1/2 inch this month before period and after my it my body retained a ¼ inch.
• I am thankful nonetheless.

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