Color of My Furniture

I like to buy a piece of furniture from time to time. Whenever I want or need to buy something new, I always have to decide what color of the furniture I am going to need to choose. Do you believe that all your furniture in your room needs to be the same color or are there any exceptions to this rule? When I look at some of the furniture in some of my friends houses, I come to the conclusion that some of their furniture does not match. I sometimes doubt if my friends put any work to make sure that the color of their furniture actually matches. I like to have one color of furniture in my room. Here is what is specific colors of house painting and furniture mean:

-White is very popular when it comes to the color of walls. It symbolizes cleanliness and purity. It can also be a good choice for furniture.

-Purple symbolizes mystery and creativity. Girls might especially like this color and that is why it is sometimes used as wall paint or even as a color for some furniture.

-Some people like their furniture painted black as it looks quite elegant this way. Gray is a shade of black and it can be used to paint walls.

-Brown is a quite popular house paint and there is also a lot of brown furniture. It symbolizes roughness and boldness.

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