Working Process of Zero Gravity Recliner

Even though it has name of zero gravity chair, but it does not really make you have zero gravity. Actually this zero gravity recliner is inspired by chair which used by NASA astronauts which used when they want to get out from the earth atmosphere. During that time the astronauts will get huge impact on their body because of the earth gravity and the power taken by the rocket to take off. That is why the NASA engineer designs their chair in zero gravity position to reduce the amount of impact on their body.

For zero gravity recliner they function to reduce the weight that your body had by going to the zero gravity position. That way your weight will be distributed evenly through the chair so you will feel weightless. For the most standard zero gravity chair, they only able to be used on upright position as well as zero gravity position which could be resume in manual control or using electrical motor to do it. They would need to have certain angle to receive the right zero gravity position where the knee and the hip has to have 90 degrees angle.

In this position the work of the heart and lungs will be easier thus the body will get better feeling. In relax position this surely gives a lot of benefits not only to the physical body but also to the physiological where you will be able to reduce the burden in your mind. However since you need to recline with this zero gravity recliner, then using this zero gravity chair will need more space compared to the other recliner. This is why people choose to have simple outdoor chair with zero gravity function since they would have more space outdoor compared to their indoor space. Moreover some outdoor chair could be folded to store.

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