What Are The Best Adderall Alternatives?

Adderall is the most common prescription when it comes to treating ADHD& ADD caused from chemical imbalance in children. Being a stimulant, Adderall helps in counteracting the chemical imbalance that has been disturbing your child. Yes, Adderall is effective in treating the inattentiveness or distractedness but the problem is that the pharmaceutical agent leads to several nasty side kicks for the user. These could be anaphylactic reaction, irregular heartbeat, high BP, insomnia, anxiety, uncontrolled tremors and restless problems. Moreover, parents who have their children taking to Adderall also note about hallucinations, confusion, abnormal behaviors, nausea, headache & dry mouth. Thus, it would be wiser for you to look for safe Adderall alternatives that would not only ward off chemical imbalance but would also ensure the well-being of your precious one.

Zinc supplementation

Zinc has proved to be really effective in minimizing the ADHD symptoms. In fact, a low zinc level in the body is one of the major reasons behind ADHD and hence a steady zinc boost would definitely help your child to fight off chemical imbalance issues.

Vitamin B6 & Magnesium supplementation

There have been studies on the usefulness of MG-B6 in children suffering from classic ADHD symptoms- and the reports revealed that the supplementation of Magnesium and Vitamin B-6 has actually assisted in significantly reducing ADHD symptoms within 2 months. This is because ADHD or ADD can be the result of low Magnesium and Vitamin B-6 level in the body.

Transcendental Meditation

This is another highly recommended way to minimize ADHD or ADD symptoms in children. Transcendental Meditation, when practiced sincerely, has shown significant reduction of the major ADHD/ADD symptoms such as anxiety, stress & hyperactivity. Actually, meditation practices work to enhance in brain parts engaged in learning, memory & focus. Thus, TM can always be a good safe remedy for ADHD/ADD.


This all natural pill is a highly preferred healthy alternative to Adderall in fighting chemical imbalance. It’s composed of a good bunch of nootropic ingredients that improve cognitive functions & a good lot of stimulant properties- which altogether help to fight all signs of ADHD/ADD, sans the nasty side effects usual in Adderall.

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