UMP RZR Superfilter

UMP is a company synonymous with high quality air filter systems in the UTV world. Nearly every non-turbo UTV in the racing world uses their intake, and when it comes to uncorking the RZR’s restrictive intake, the UMP superfilter system is one of the best Polaris RZR accessories available. They also have made air and water pumps, and an extensive line of racing products, including dragster wings, fasteners, and even power steering systems. The company also specializes in custom metal fabrication, so after you install your Superfilter, you can have them construct a full aluminum body for your RZR. They work with an extensive line of metals, from aluminum and steel to more obscure metals like brass and magnesium. UMP shears, bends, punches mills, turns, welds and manipulates metal in just about any way it can be manipulated.

The UMP Superfilter is a completely bolt-on kit that eliminates the problems commonly associated with the cheap, inefficien stock airbox system. The Superfilter’s Unique Swirl Flow Design uses a unique filter element with double the Stock Filter Cleaning Area.

UMP’s race winning Superfilter offers maximum engine protection while dramatically increasing airflow. This intake draws air from the stock airbox, the cleanest place on the machine. The UMP Superfilter canister bolts to the engine and not the frame. This prevents pulled off connections to the engine and it only

weighs 5.5 pounds! The entire system wieghs only 5.5 pounds, and the Superfilter uses a premium, patented Donaldson re-usable element filter. The system offers 99.9% dust retention, a claim that no other cleanable air filter can claim. The Superfilter offers maximum protection for your RZR engine while substantially reducing engine maintenance. This filter system is available for the RZR 800 and RZR XP 900, and of course, there is a system for the XP 1000 on the way!

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