Tips on Weight Loss By Girish Kumar Navani

Last year I decide to start off a new healthy living routine which I was in desperate need of after spending quite a few months not exactly looking after my body. I consulted the help of my good friend Girish Kumar Navani, some who I have known for a very long time and someone who is an expert in health and in weight loss. The tips which Guirish Kumar Navani shared with me were incredibly helpful and they aided me in achieving my weight loss goals. If we are all being honest with ourselves then we would confess that we all know how to lose weight, we just need some handy tips to help us out, and here is what Girish has to say.


Sunday is a very important day when it comes to editing because this is the day that you should go and do your shopping and then prepare for the week ahead. Preparation is always key when you are trying to lose weight because if you haven’t properly prepared, you end up eating convenience food when you are hungry, which is usually unhealthy. And so a Sunday should involve a good breakfast ahead of your supermarket trip -shopping on an empty stomach is a bad idea. Once you have been to the supermarket you should spend your afternoon cooking for the week and preparing veg and salad for the week. The time that you spend on Sunday will help you throughout the week.


Snacking has a reputation as a negative activity but as Girish often tells me this is a myth and snacking is actually widely encouraged. The key is of course what you snack on and that is why you should always have a ready supply of nuts, fruit and prepared salad such as cucumber and carrot sticks. Healthy snacking can be a great way for you to stave off hunger until it is time to eat and it will help you with your weight loss goals.


Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep each night is essential when you are trying to lose weight and it is during these hours that your body works hard on digesting and using food, as well as repairing cells, all of which are vital in weight loss. If you aren’t sleeping well then this will impact your weight loss.


Not all aspects of a healthy lifestyle are difficult and one of the easy fixes which you need to be focussed on is drinking water. Drinking water not only helps you body to burn off foods quicker, it can also help you to be less hungry. In many cases where we think we are hungry we are in fact thirsty and so drinking a good amount of water each day can reduce how hungry we feel. The recommended amount is 2-3 liters for women and 3-4 liters for men.

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