The Use of Antibiotics in Animals

Antibiotics have been used in humans for a number of years with a great deal of success. They have saved many lives and allowed us to live longer in the process. For some time now, antibiotics have been used in animals as well to help them to produce healthier meat as well as other products such as eggs or milk for example.

It is true that antibiotics for animals make them stronger and able to produce higher quality meat. The animals that are fed antibiotics are stronger, have fewer illnesses, and also eat less food, which is good for everybody. Things weren’t like this in the past and thus the meat in the past used to be worse quality. But today, with the progress in technology, we can have healthier meat that is good for us because it comes from healthier and happier animals.

One of the biggest pluses of using antibiotics in animals is that they tend to suffer less and experience less pain compared to those animals that are not fed any antibiotics. If you could choose a happy cow and an unhappy cow to have your steak come from, which one would you choose? Without any hesitation I would choose the happy one. Animals are a lot like people. Happy people are nicer to be with, while those who suffer or are in pain might be more likely to be depressed. The same principle applies to animals. Those who suffer are more likely to feel down and if you end up eating meat that comes from a depressed cow you might end up being depressed too. And nobody likes to be depressed because depression does not feel nice. everybody wants to be happy, including all those animals we eat our meat from. The meat is actually healthier and offers us many benefits.

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