The future of relationships

The future of love is digital. Or so it would certainly seem given the rise in popularity of internet dating around the world in recent years. Once upon a time, online dating websites were snubbed as being crutches for those who were desperate for a date and too shy to go out and find one. In modern times, however, many single individuals choose online dating as an alternative to face-to-face methods of meeting people.

An increasingly popular industry, online dating websites match thousands of couples around the world every year, and as long as you have access to a computer, the technology is accessible to all.

Many skeptics have wondered whether online dating websites can provide single individuals with a sustainable base to form a romantic partnership. After all, it is far too easy to hide negative personality traits when writing an online profile and present only your best side when talking to someone through a screen.

However, research has shown that, far from causing a rise in break-ups, couples who get together through online dating websites are just as likely to stay together as couples who meet through face-to-face methods.

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