Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are more and more common among many people in the United States. There are various sleep disorders. One of them is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is becoming even more popular than diseases such as diabetes or asthma. It is estimated that the disease affects around 20 million of Americans. This is a lot. If a person suffers from sleep apnea, he might feel tired and sleepy even after many hours of sleep. This is a serious condition that needs treatment as soon as possible. One thing that can bring almost immediate relief are CPAP machines. Such machines can help a person receive more oxygen than he usually receives during sleep. Since a person cannot control how he breathes at night, the least he can do is to use a machine that can help him breathe more easily. Some other things can be done, but they might be less affective. Those things include elevating the bed so that the upper part of the body is going to be higher that the lower part. Losing weight and stopping smoking can help a person a lot. Sleep apnea is also more common among older people, but young people tend to suffer from it as well.
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