Liposuction Techniques Overview

There are various techniques employed in a liposuction surgery, which relies on the location and type of fat to be extracted, a patient’s expectations and recommendation of the cosmetic surgeon. It is important to consult with your plastic surgeon before settling on a technique. LAS VEGAS LIPOSUCTION offers reputable surgeons and numerous procedures. Your credited surgeon will choose the best procedure for you and your objectives.


There are several liposuction techniques available but you cannot be assured that there is one best technique. Depending on the patient and surgeon, various techniques available may have different benefits and applications. Some techniques are considered to be of top notch standards while others are thought to be unsafe. Therefore, this article will inform you on some of the available lipoplasty techniques in cosmetic surgery.


Tumescent Lipo

This is the most popular method since it is thought to be safer than other procedures since it reduces blood loss and no intravenous replacement of fluid is required thereafter. The surgeon injects a large amount of local anesthesia into the fat deposits. The drug contains lidocaine, which reduces blood loss by narrowing blood vessels and a salt that facilitates easy removal of fats. This technique reduces chances of bruising, post-surgery inflammation and pains.


Water Jet Assisted Technique

This is another method used by lipoplasty surgeons to remove excess fats from the body. It uses pressurized salty water to loosen and remove fat producing cells. This procedure does not exterminate the cells but ensures seamless removal.


Ultrasound-assisted Technique

This is a new method that causes fatty cells to burst and liquefy hence facilitating their easy extraction from the body. This is made possible by administering ultrasound that stimulates fat liquefaction. This technique is considered less painful and effective compared to others.


Super Wet Method

This lipo technique is comparatively similar to tumescent only that it uses less quantity of anesthesia. It takes 2-3 hours to carry out this operation.


Laser Technique

This technique uses concentrated laser rays to melt down fats in your skin. The laser rays are delivered by making an incision on the skin. It may sound a painful procedure but that is not the actual scenario since it is less traumatizing and minimal bleeding.


Power Assisted Liposuction

This procedure takes less time to perform and it gives smoother outcomes. A lipo cannula device supplied with electric power or pressurized air extracts excess fats in the skin. This procedure is fast and it involves minimal skin incision.


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