How to Have a Facelift Without Surgery

Ulthera is the latest and most revolutionary type of cosmetic procedure. It uses ultrasound therapy that helps to affect the deeper soft tissues, thereby tightening the skin. Ulthera therapy has been clinically proven to be beneficial even after just a single treatment. In the trial, it was shown that the skin of the face and neck face tighter and firmer. Because it is based on ultrasound, it is also known to be completely safe, having been used by doctors for years in the diagnosis of heart conditions, cysts, tumors, and so on. It is also regularly used in prenatal care and obstetrics, to measure the in utero growth of unborn babies.

Now, however, it is used as a cosmetic procedure as well. 90% of people tested noticed that, after 90 days, their eyebrow was lifted significantly. They felt their eyes looked more open and much less hooded. They did also mention that they had little to no understanding of how the procedure actually works. This is because, when you have ulthera therapy, you will feel as if you are getting a sonogram, with a screen next to you in the exact same way, and a hand piece that is just like a sonogram hand piece used to cover the area that you want to address. What’s different, however, is that the hand piece is used in order to deliver heat energy, which is sent to just the right depth within the layers of the skin. In so doing, it achieves a positive effect but doesn’t damage the skin itself.

Ulthera has received full clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for non-invasive brow lift procedures. The system is currently being marketed to facial surgeons, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists across the country. The clinical standards of the device meet or exceed the benchmarks for effectiveness and safety. Furthermore, the device is currently going through further clinical trials in order to determine how else it can be used. Very simply put, however, it is the first truly effective non-invasive face lift machine. The world of cosmetic surgery is, thankfully, becoming less and less invasive. It started with the face lift, then fillers, which were replaced with laser, and then along came Botox. All of these procedures are still used today, of course, with both people and cosmetic professionals having their own preferences. But Ulthera is the first truly non-surgical option that delivers proven results of this magnitude.

The procedure takes around 30 minutes to complete and is completely non-painful. An applicator is simply moved over the different parts of the face and controlled amounts of energy are delivered by the sound waves. There is no need for anesthetic and there is no real recovery time. Very rarely, people experience a little pain and swelling, which is most likely due to the coagulating effect. However, the discomfort is minor compared to any other type of procedure that claims to have similar results and is very short-lived as well.

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