How De-cluttering Can Help you to Lose Weight

After reading the title of this post you might be wondering: “What? How could de-cluttering my home could possible help me to lose weight?”. If you are skeptical, I completely understand, but keep reading this post to understand what I base my conclusions from.

It goes without saying that clutter in your home can cause you a lot of stress. If your kitchen is so messy that you cannot find anything in it you are likely to experience elevated stress levels. Try to portray yourself trying to find that pair of scissors that should be somewhere in one of the drawers but is nowhere to be found. You lose your patience, you become enraged, your cortisol levels are up. Later that day you are so stressed that you start to indulge in emotional eating only to ease the stress you have just been through, is it right? Does it sound familiar? And the fact that we all do Christmas shopping does not help us at all, instead of creating a peaceful atmosphere it just puts on us new demands as we have to try to find more space for our newly-acquired belongings. Have I already convinced you to de-clutter your home? I believe so. You will shed some pounds even without exercising because you will simply eat less.

Don’t worry if your house cannot store all your belongings. It is time to start selling used things on eBay, give them to a local charity, or renting a storage unit like storage units lake forest if you are one of those people who have problems saying good bye to things and would prefer rather temporary solutions. I recommend that you de-clutter your home at least once every 2 months to avoid the buildup of unnecessary items that have been hiding in your cupboards for way too long. Your life will become a lot more enjoyable once you decide to de-clutter and hopefully you will lose some weight as the result for that. Just make sure that you don’t find something else that will cause you to eat more.

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