Four Ways My Family Likes to Exercise Outdoors

When it comes to getting adequate exercise, staying indoors has its benefits. Yet, as a mother, I would rather spend family time outdoors. Plus, we need the exercise, fresh air and sunshine. I’ve found that working out in front of a screen just doesn’t do it for me. I need to do something that makes me feel accomplished. And, I would like to take my family with me. So, we have started getting more activity in through outdoors excursions. Here’s what we do.

Go for walks

One of the best sports of all is walking. Anyone, from any fitness level, can do it. I find that walking with my family brings us closer, as it also helps to clear my mind. You don’t need any equipment to walk, just comfortable shoes and the right clothing for the weather. It is easy on the joints, and it burns calories.

Sure, it isn’t going to burn as many calories as running but I can’t run every day. What I can do is walk every day. So, to me, a daily walk beats out running two or three times per week. Plus, you can’t talk much when you run. When I walk with my kids, we can discuss any topic that comes up.

Mountain biking

During the summers, our family loves RVing. We appreciate the thrill of the unexpected and visiting somewhere new–on a whim Plus, RVing gives my family confidence when we do things we didn’t think was possible. Not to mention, there is the priceless benefit of getting back to nature. Life is too short not to spend family time doing things you love.

While we RV, we always pack our bikes for any mountain trails we find or look up. We like mountain biking because it is also easier on your joints than running, but it comes with similar cardiovascular benefits. Moreover, you don’t have to bike fast–you can set your own pace. We also love to try new trails. According to an article on Outdoorsy, some of the best destinations for mountain biking include:

  • Lake George
  • Wilderness State Park
  • Henry W. Coe State Park

We’ve visited Lake George, and it is stunning. We’ve added the other two locations to our bucket list.


Our family loves to swim. Plus, it helps to tone our arms and legs. And, when you want to relax, you can plop on a floatation device or a lounge chair and soak up the sunshine–with adequate sunscreen of course. My husband struggles with joint problems so, swimming is the perfect activity for him. We’ll swim anywhere, from pools to lakes and the ocean. Furthermore, my kids love splashing and snorkeling. You just can’t beat swimming for fun and exercise.


One of the most invigorating activities we enjoy is hiking. My kids love exploring and turning our hiking expedition into a “treasure hunt.” The thing about hiking is it doesn’t feel like a workout. You can hear birds chirping while enjoying wispy, cool breezes. Plus, the scenery helps to give us some respite from the daily stresses of life and work. The soothing sights have done a lot to help our family become much closer, and more active.

Being active outdoors with my family is really the ideal outing for us. We get our exercise, we bond and we alleviate our stress with simple and effective activities.

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