Dr. Victoria J Mondloch, Driving Forward Women’s Medicine

As a young woman from Waukesha, Wisconsin who wanted to go into a career in medicine, Dr. Victoria J Mondloch provided me with the perfect inspiration and role model. Victoria J Mondloch is a local girl from here in Waukesha and she, like me, had a huge passion for women’s medicine. Throughout her career Victoria Mondloch has sought to develop and raise awareness about women’s medicine and in my view she has been greatly successful in doing so. I wanted to talk a little today about how she has inspired me and what her work means for the future of women’s health both here in Waukesha and throughout the country.

In Hospital

Within her role as a doctor Victoria specializes in gynecology and obstetrics and over the years she has used her outstanding skill and professionalism to help thousands of women with health complaints. Beyond this she has always been ambitious and throughout her career she has taken on roles of responsibility within the hospital and is currently a remember of the board of the hospital. In the role which she occupies on the board of directors she is able to further bring about change in the betterment of women’s health within the hospital, and she has used this position to positively change many things within female medicine.


Beyond teaching those young students who she works with in the hospital, Victoria has also branched out much further than that and often spends time in lecture halls of the universities around the Wisconsin area, giving lectures to young students about the importance that women’s health should have in the medical world. I sadly missed the speech which she gave at my university but the feedback which my fellow students gave me was glowing.


Here in Waukesha, Wisconsin we have a number of community-backed campaigns which operate throughout the region and offer support and guidance for women, as well as offering screening for breast and ovarian cancers. These programs have been greatly helped by the support and the hard work of Victoria Mondloch who has used her status within the hospital to aid these programs and help them with resources and funding. These campaigns are critical to the health of many women in the community and with her help we have been able to diagnose a large amount of women, doing so in most cases at a very early stage.


As if all of this wasn’t enough, Dr. Victoria Mondloch is also a regular contributor to the Medical Journal where she often speaks about new treatments and examinations which are being developed, that can further help with a huge range of female health issues. In doing this she is able to speak to a wider community about women’s health and therefore motivate and animate the wider medical world when it comes to the aspect of health which she is so passionate about.

A true inspiration.

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