Breast Augmentation – From implants to natural breast enhancements

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures among women who seek to enhance or restore the appearance of their breasts in the healthiest way. The biggest impact of the rise in demand for breast augmentation is mainly to be blamed on the celebrities who seem to always have just the right amount of fat needed to look just almost perfect. However a study conducted by the BAAPS in 2015 shows that the desire for model-inspired boob jobs seem to be washing away as Brits are settling for a more natural and subtle enhancement.

The cosmetic surgery industry continues to advance thanks to the constantly changing trends worldwide, more so today than ever. Plastic surgeons are now offering a ‘natural boob job’ being referred to as the Brazilian Breast Lift similar to an already popular procedure called the Brazilian Butt Lift, both involving transfer of fat from one area of the body to the desired area. This natural way not only adds volume and shape to the breasts but also helps avoid the risks that breast implants carry.

“Many people who come to us for breast augmentation either are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts or just wish to restore the way they looked prior to body-changing experiences like pregnancy and weight-loss”, states Dr Tillo from Centre for Surgery, a cosmetic surgery clinic based in London. “For some women it is the appealing advantage of removing unwanted fat from another body area and gaining it naturally in the area where they wished it was.” Unfortunately, not everyone wanting that natural boost is suitable to be a candidate. “We have had to refuse the procedure to many people simply because they do not have enough fat in their body to be transferred”, says Dr Tillo. “To those people we can only offer alternatives such as breast implant and breast lift.”

Another reason people may get refused to be operated on is their unrealistic expectation of the result they are able to achieve from the procedure. The limitation of the Brazilian Breast Lift is that the individual can expect an increase of only up to one full cup size as there is a possibility of percentage of the fat cells being absorbed naturally by the body. “It is not possible to save the whole 100% of the fat graft during natural fat transfer on the breasts or the butt but with our expertise we have implemented techniques that give a higher chance of successful fat harvest. For instance, suctioning out the fat with Lipomatic imposes less pressure on the area which helps avoid disruption and killing of the fat cells. With the Lipomatic technique used at Centre for Surgery, the surgeon is able to increase the amount of fat cells to be harvested and if done correctly could even help the individual achieve permanent fat grafts.

Considering the changing trends in Britain influenced by celebrities like Katie Price who got rid of her implants that is making women want more subtle results, natural breast augmentation will remain on a rise.

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