Attain fitness by practicing an ancient feat

The modern world is tormented with the problems of obesity. The yoga is an art form that can help one man to fight away from being obese.

Why should one learn yoga?

This is a basic question. Why should we learn this form? Why should we invest the time and the energy in doing this? In this article we shall try to find out the outcomes of a yoga class deciphered from the people and the historical analysis of the same.



Some comments and reactions

“Yoga shaped my mind. I was in stress and highly in depression. My doctor advised me to come in the yoga practice. I listened to him and that helped me to come out of my deceitful mental condition.”

“Today i can laugh freely. The daily life had made me thirsty. Yoga gave me a way to breathe”

The aforementioned are the general comments the people give after passing a yoga session. They say that before they got up from bed not before ten but now the early sun beckons and they rise up. A round of the yoga in the open grounds makes them prepared to face the challenges of the external world. What is the basic reason for these changes? Let us enumerate….

Down the aged lines: search of a legacy in the Upanishads and doctrines of faith and belief.

The Upanishad is one of the earliest books of Indian wisdom written about more than five thousand years ago by the learned of the sub continent. There they mention the importance of the yoga as a practice which makes:

  1. Attainment of the goal an easy task as it disciplines the body and the mind.
  2. The man to easily control his body and mind.
  3. Helps to analyze the perception along with the cognition.
  4. This is a path that leads to the power to be omniscient.
  5. The man’s body to attain extra consciousness and concentration.
  6. This helps to preserve muscles while losing weight

The scientific reasons: delving in the modern day reasons.

The scientists of the modern era say that this is the time when man has no time to stand and stare. He or she is in a total run. This constant craving fails the brain. The right ad the left brain is dis allocated from one another and this problem in the modern world. So the brains must be kept together to make the man perfect.

The rise of the violence in the lives of the common men is a reaction of the growing discontent. Thus there is a need of something that shall be meditation and it should keep the body fit. After a long research the yoga is that only option. So if one enters into the practice of yoga then the life of the man shall be healed and happy. So wait for what? Get into the yoga training classes and attain the fitness of the body.

Remember it is needed to preserve muscles while losing weight.


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