7 Tips Safety Tips for Bike Commuters

If you are new to cycling to work, some helpful tips to make your bike ride more pleasant, quicker and safer while getting you to work without bicycle accidents.

1: Plan your Route (and an alternative)

Using Google Maps for cycling route shows elevation at different points during the ride, and turn by turn directions. Also, create an alternative route, in case your normal route is not passable or closed.

2: Wear Safety Equipment

A safety cycling helmet is a legal requirement in some states. Always wear one while riding a bike on public streets. Other helpful safety equipment is: reflectors and a bike light so that other people can see you.

3: Be Prepared

Keeping your bike in good working order will make it safer for you to get to work every day, but you should be prepared in case a problem does occur while you are commuting on the road. Always carry a few spare parts, spare tire/tube and a mini-pump in case of a puncture.

4: Correct and Recommended Pressure

Your bike will work more efficiently (you will need to put in less effort) if your tires are the correct pressure. Regularly check your pressure to make sure that your pressure is correct. The recommended pressure is normally written on the sidewall.

5: Constant Vigilance

Although you may be tempted to listen to your MP3 player while cycling, be aware as this can make for an accident. Use all of your senses including your hearing to assure safety and avoid accidents on the road. Hearing car horns and other vehicles sounds around you will aid in getting to your destination safely by avoiding collisions and keeping you safe.

6: Obey the Rules of the Road

Although same rules apply to cyclists as the do to automobiles, you need to follow the rules of the road while you are on the road with your bike. This will make you more predictable to car drivers and can reduce the risks for accidents and crashes. Know and follow the rules on the road!

7: Know your Limits

Most of the time you don’t have to commute by bike every single day. Understand that some days are not made for biking and make arrangements to get to work another way. Avoiding dangers and bike accidents. If you feel unwell or there are serious weather conditions, cycling may not be safe. Your wellbeing far outweighs the commute.

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