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Yoga is a perfect way to refresh your body and mind

Yoga, in addition to the physical benefits we have already mentioned, gives us many emotional benefits. As we know that the human being is not only body, but also mind and there is a deep interconnection between mind and body.

It is through yoga and meditation that we get the knowledge of the mind and knowing our mind we can then, get to recognize ourselves as essence, as part of the supreme and universal being that we are.

One of the main reasons why more and more people join the practice of yoga is to find spiritual perfection or union with the Supreme Being through the postures that are performed with the body to unite with nature. This union helps us relax the soul and meditate in an indescribable way, a physical path of transformation.

Yoga can lead us to the spiritual connection and open our eyes to a philosophy of life that will lead us to make stress something that we can break and focus on positive energy, or perhaps, rid ourselves of vices or discomforts that imply grudges, anger and negativity that Prevent evolution as people. In this way yoga helps stress relief from our daily life.

Everything is based on balance; in addition we must complement this process of connection with an adequate diet and healthy mind.

There is a scientific term to describe the interaction between mind and body, it is called psychoneuroimmunology and refers to the study of how the mind affects the nervous system and immunity.

The impact of our thoughts and moods on our physical well-being is profound, and we all experience this intimate connection on a daily basis. Therefore, it should not surprise us that depressed people are more prone to respiratory tract infections.

Mental and emotional health not only affects us in being more susceptible to some diseases, but it affects our longevity. That is to say, it is possible to live longer if we have an absolute desire, for example, if an older person wishes with all his soul to live an important event and to live it no longer has another event that he wants with the same intensity, his desire to continue living can dissolve and die.

Yoga also helps us to develop the capacity for relaxation. We can give ourselves time to disconnect from the rhythm of life to protect our health and prevent the mental exhaustion we expose ourselves when we spend too much time doing what we “have to do.”

To nourish the soul we can:

  • Decide to reduce stress
  • Simplify our tasks and set priorities
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Play and have fun
  • Do something for others
  • Cultivate relationships

Your intention is very simple. So, just like meditation to get numerous benefits. Your mind will rest and you will get a delicious freshness, besides it is an exquisite moment to listen to the very sound of your voice and what you feel.

Music for Health

Music is a rather healthy hobby and it is easy too. All you need to do in order to make things happen is to visit Musicians Friend website and find something that strikes your fancy. Then you choose an instrument you want to play and you are ready to start your new brand adventures that can change your life forever. This is something that everybody should be doing for sure.

Music Websites

Do you know any websites that have something to do with music? If this is the case, then this center website is probably something you have visited in the past and maybe you keep doing it on a regular basis. It is of utmost importance to only shop at such places that are reputable and that offer you a good amount of entertainment per hour.

Snare drum kit

Do you own something as easy as a snare drum kit? There are some great drum kits out there and all you need to do is to locate them and find out where you could get them, It is as easy as that. There are no magic rules when it comes to your perfect drum kits. All you need to do is to make sure that the drum kit you have is exactly what you have been looking for and this way you should be happy with it.

Practice Yoga for quick weight loss!

People are getting concerned about their excessive weight or their overweight quite much, to an extent that they prefer to do almost everything suggested to shed off their extra pounds. However, when you will check you will be able to get a clear cut picture of the fact that if the incorrect ways and exercises are done to shed off our unwanted weight, you may regain the weight very soon with some additional pounds as a bonus of following incorrect techniques.

Hence if it important to follow the right tactics and tricks to shed off weight. It is well mentioned on that you should start your work from your kitchen, so it is important that you eat healthy and eat after regular intervals. No eating much of sweets after having your dinner or lunch, no drinking water for at least 30 minutes after having your food and participating in sports activities.

You may have heard all that has been said about taking part in sports activities. You have tried get involved in sports so many times you have failed and at the end you have lost your hard earn money that you used for registering at gym. Although you know sports is important, you just can’t seem to find the right balance between your daily activities and sports.

However, your hope of getting involved in sports shouldn’t all be lost. There are other alternatives to usual sports that are part of everyday life especially when you live on the west. Today most people are taking up yoga. Before face turns sour, yoga has nothing to do with lighting candles and chanting funny songs. Instead yoga is lifestyle that most people are trying to emulate there are many reasons why taking up yoga is good for you.

It is easy

Yoga does not require a lot of movements. Most of the yoga moves are quite easy to follow. Unlike other sports that may require a lot of force and energy, yoga uses gentle moves to achieve the same aim. If you happen to study yoga, you will realize that the ancients who came up with the idea of yoga knew a lot about human anatomy. The exercises are designed to work out all the body using simple movements.

It is convenient

Among all the sports out there that you can use for work out, you will find that yoga is more convenient. You don’t need a lot of space to do yoga. You can do it in your bedroom, your living room or even outside. You can do things like meditation even with people around you. When you take up yoga, you will find that you can do your yoga exercises without being a nuisance. It can be done even at work while you are at your desk. There are some simple exercises that can be done at Passages Malibu without drawing the attention of those besides you. This include

It works both mind and body

The idea behind most normal work out exercises is to keep fit. Keep fit here means working the body’s muscles to tone them and to lose unhealthy fat. This is all good and many people have succeeded to live healthy with this type of sports. However, with a lot people now involved in doing work that involves the use of the mind, it has become necessary for people to be able to relax their mind. While your normal every day sport will help to an extent, it is not as good as yoga. Yoga uses a lot of exercises that allows the flow of blood to the head.


Dr. Kwang Yul Cha: Entrepreneur and Medical Visionary

CHA Health Systems is one of the largest medical conglomerates in Korea that has begun to share its medical advancements around the world with centers in the US and Japan. Offering the best in fertility treatments and stem cell research the CHA Health Systems is headed by one of the world’s most visionary medical doctors, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha.

Recognized time and again for his extraordinary accomplishments in stem cell and fertility research, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha is the founder and CEO of CHA Health Systems.

Visionary Entrepreneur

As one of the most visionary medical doctors and entrepreneurs of our time, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha, founded CHA Health Systems (CHS). Under his leadership, CHS has transformed into a global healthcare group that includes the Comprehensive Anti-aging Life Center, six medical facilities in Korea including a fertility center and woman’s health center, three hospitals including two in the US and one in Japan, CHA University which offers full scholarship to all its students, and four medical exam centers. In addition, there are fourteen medical and business divisions within the conglomerate.

Champion of charity

Dr. Kwang Yul Cha is quoted as having said, “Many people donate their fortunes after they have passed. I intend to donate my fortune and expertise throughout my lifetime.” And he has stood behind his words with donations totaling over $40 million USD.

In 1998 Dr. Cha donated KRW 32 billion to Korean society for the promotion of medical foundations, the development of universities, and fostering of medical professionals.  In 2009 Dr. Cha donated KRW 100 million for the Yonsei University Scholarship Campaign for students in need.

In 2010, Dr. Kwang-yul Cha together with Yonsei University Honorary Professor Kim Byeong-su, who was also the CHA University President, donated KRW 2 billion to develop the ‘Cancer Research Prize’ at Yonsei University. In 2011 at the opening ceremony of the world’s only stem cell research institute “Seongnam Chaum Global Stem Cells Clinical Trials Center” Dr. Cha donated KRW 10 billion for research and development fund, emphasizing stem cell clinical trials to be proactively conducted for the future treatment of incurable diseases.

But it doesn’t stop there. Dr. Cha’s philosophy of “All students, including poor students, deserve equal educational opportunities,” means that since its founding in 1997 every student at CHA University has received a full scholarship. Taking it globally, CHA University recently extended scholarships to include overseas training for physician researchers.

Well Respected and Published

As the world leader in fertility and stem cell research, Dr. Cha’s extensive accomplishments in medicine have attracted worldwide media coverage from many of the most respected media sources including the Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, and the BBC.

Among numerous significant medical advances and accomplishments, Dr. Cha has written medical reviews, and articles for medical journals as well as books on fertility and stem cell research.

In addition, to being CEO, Dr. Cha has also had a respected career in academia. He was Chancellor of the College of Medicine at CHA University, and he was a visiting professor at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he established and operated CHA-Columbia Fertility Center in collaboration with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.


Important Tips To Get More Fiber In Your Diet

Fibers are incredibly misunderstood at the moment. Everyone is focused on fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Paul Gravette always says that one of the biggest problems he sees with people that work out is that they do not understand the importance of water and fibers. With water it is really easy to solve the problem but with fibers it is not so simple. Fiber is known as bulk or roughage and it is vital for your body because it assists the intestines to work effectively. This is done by stimulating what is known as peristalsis, which is muscle movement inside intestinal walls. Besides this, fibers also help you with:

  • Reducing constipation possibility
  • Promoting the healthy heart
  • Regulating the blood sugar levels
  • Lowering the cholesterol
  • Boosting satiety feeling so that weight loss programs are more effective
  • Promoting the healthy gut bacteria
  • Promoting a good intestinal health

If you want to increase fiber intake, here are some simple tips to remember.

Grab Some Popcorn

Popcorn is filled with fibers and stands out as a pretty cheap dish, even if you eat it while you watch a movie at the cinema. If you do decide to go to the movies, do not miss out on this natural fiber source. Just 3 cup servings offer around 2 grams of fiber. This is a little over 5% of the daily requirement for an average man. If you want to keep things healthy, try to go for air popper popcorn as opposed to the microwave option.

Eat Veggies And Whole Fruits

Your parents surely told you to eat your vegetables but they never really explained why, did they. The truth is that juicing advocates do get it right that this practice offers a lot of the fiber that helps the body to operate properly. While it is not a great practice to follow on the long run, it highlights how many fibers you can find in vegetables. Combine that with whole fruits and your dietary fiber intake is going to go way up.


If you are looking for a fruit that is nutritious and really healthy, avocado is definitely what you should always consider. This is one of the best fruits you can consume because of the really high nutritional values that are offered. However, do be sure that you never opt for a canned version. This is because canned avocados, pineapples and practically all fruits can include added sugars that will not help you out that much and will get you fat in the process.

Fiber Supplements

Last but not least, if your nutrition plan simply does not get enough fiber through what you eat, do seriously consider taking a supplement with high fiber content. This is the easiest possible way to be sure that you receive what you get. Opt for the organic supplements as they are healthier and always look at the labels to see what else you receive. Simply because you lack fiber in your diet does not mean that you can overdo it with other nutrients.

When Working Out, Avoid Overuse Injuries!

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep a balanced mind you will need to undergo regular physical activity. This means that you have to do all that it takes to offer the body what it needs to maintain itself active. You can use products as in the Le-Vel Brands reviews or you can simply focus on a great nutrition plan. No matter the case, when you decide to also work out, being careful is something that is necessary. There are way too many overuse injuries that happen. These are common with athletes as they purposely overdo it during training. However, it should not be common with regular people since the injuries can easily be avoided.

What Is An Overuse Injury?

Overuse injuries are basically going to happen because of repetitive movements that will make your muscles go over the limit. These injuries can affect joints, bones and tendons and the main reason why you see them appearing is that you simply perform an action way too many times. You overuse the body and the response comes under the form of an injury.

Keep in mind that when referring to overuse injuries we do not just refer to how frequently you work out. It is also something that is connected with technique and intensity. Building stronger bones and muscles is something that is done by damaging tissues and then allowing the body to rebuild them. When the damage is a lot more than what the body can heal and repair or rebuild, the overuse injury appears.

The most common of the overuse injuries that appear are tendonitis, stress fractures, microfractures and muscle strains. You surely already heard of shin splints, runner’s knee and tennis elbow. Professional athletes will suffer from at least one overuse injury during their career as a specific skill set is often trained until reaching perfection.

Common Overuse Injury Causes

  • Training errors
  • Poor training
  • Poor coaching
  • Using an improper training technique as the bad posture when you deadlift
  • Using improper training equipment

How To Avoid Overuse Injuries:

  • Always warm up and cool down before and after a workout. It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur.
  • Always know your personal limits. Especially after you suffered from an injury you should not overdo it.
  • Do incorporate rest days between the workouts. Alternatively, alternate the muscle groups that you train. Remember that muscle normally needs 48 hours to fully recover after a strenuous workout.
  • Stretch right after the warm-up. These two are not the same thing.
  • No matter what you do, make sure that technique is properly respected. That is especially necessary when you lift weights.
  • If you use the services of a trainer, make sure that they are licensed and experienced.
  • Always use the exact equipment that is necessary for the activity you are about to do. For instance, buy running shoes and use them in the event you are going to run.

Overuse injuries are quite common but this does not mean that you have to suffer from them.

The ‘Healthy’ and ‘Easy’ Recipe conundrum

When it comes to ‘healthy’ easy recipes, there are a fair few that can be found online but what really constitutes a ‘healthy easy recipe’ and is it really that balanced? If preparing dinner each night has you worried, look at meal time as a balanced approach. There are plenty of easy dinner ideas around on the internet and in various cookbooks but I think the best way to look at a ‘well balanced meal’ is the less processed the food is – the better for our bodies. Which in certain terms means a little of what you like does you good, just make sure it is measured. Try to prepare a weeks’ worth of meals the week before to help save on food costs. Doing this will help you buy bigger/bulk amounts to share and work within a few different recipes and it is easy to utilise ingredients into a meal next day as long as you come prepared. For well-balanced dinner ideas and healthy recipes there are a few sites that are top of my suggestions list, one being Sun Temple, when it comes to healthy easy recipes.

Phenibut Withdrawal

The Withdrawal from Phenibut can be a nasty one indeed and typically has a wide range of symptoms to it that include insomnia, sweating, restlessness, restless leg syndrome, headache, nausea, and loss of appetite. Phenibut has many benefits that far outweigh the harsh Withdrawal that the nootropic supplement can sometimes have and most people take the drug without problem because they take in small amounts, and because they take it infrequently. If Phenibut is taking in varying dosage ranging from 500-1500 milligrams at one time, and it is taken on an infrequent basis, withdrawal will not occur.

What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a GABA agonist that it used to help people to ward off anxiety, get better sleep, keep stress away for an important, anxiety-provoking task, such as a speech or a meeting, and to simply have a good time (people often take it instead of alcohol, taking it with alcohol is not recommended as it can be somewhat dangerous.) Phenibut if taken on an irregular basis, will not pose withdrawal symptoms, and can help in many areas of life.

Benefits of Phenibut

Phenibut benefits the user by lowering anxiety, reducing stress, and boosting confidence levels in otherwise stressful situations.

Side Effects of Phenibut

Phenibut Side Effects can include headache, nausea, tiredness, increased thirst, and loss of appetite.

What is the Withdrawal from Phenibut Like?

Put quite simply, the withdrawal from Phenibut can be somewhat brutal and has many symptoms like an opiate kind of withdrawal, including sweating, inability to sleep and restless leg syndrome.

Final Thoughts on How to Avoid Phenibut Withdrawal

Take the nootropic sparingly and you will avoid Phenibut Withdrawal. If the drug is taken on a very irregular basis, you can entirely avoid withdrawal because it will get out of your system relatively quickly. Overall, if you don’t take it everyday, Phenibut is a very powerful nootropic supplement!